“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”  C.G. JUNG

Welcome to the Argonaut!


The Argonaut is a (virtual) space where you can have one or more sessions with an expert analytical psychologist.

Asking for support and sharing fears, feelings of anxiety or symptoms conditioning our lives can be quite difficult. Often, we cannot give a reasonable explanation to these states of mind, and so we might give up or underestimate our discomfort, which in the long term can badly affect our lives.

One consultation with an expert therapist may be enough to understand what the nature of your strain is, and to identify what type of intervention suits you the most.

Book your interview to understand if your problems have a deeper meaning that can be effectively uncovered through a psychotherapeutic process.



All that’s needed for a dedicated support is Skype or a telephone.


You will receive support in your environment, no matters where you are.


The Argonaut offers psychological services to individuals across countries and time zones.